Amazing Facts About the Earth and Nature *

The Earth is a remarkable place, full of surprises and value that must be preserved to help humanity’s development while reducing poverty and providing sufficient food for all. In this Earth911 Quiz, we look at recent scientific discoveries that make us marvel at the rich resource that, if squandered, will fail along with human life. That may sound dark, but it is our reality and looking for ways to preserve nature while interacting with it to create human prosperity is our best way forward. Check out your amazing world!


Earth911 Quiz #84: Amazing Facts About Earth and Nature


Just look around at the world. It’s amazing and we learn more about it every year, discoveries that redefine our understanding and appreciation of the environment in which we live. In this Earth911 Quiz, challenge your knowledge of recent scientific insights into the Earth, atmosphere, and animal life.


How does the Earth’s atmosphere sound?


Recent research appears to confirm an idea first proposed by French mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace in the early 19th Century that the Earth’s atmosphere has a sound. What does it sound like?

How did the Earth’s crust break into tectonic plates?


Tectonics, the study of the giant landmasses that float on the surface of the planet, is well established but no one was able to say how it began until recently. A new theory based on computer simulations of the heating of the planet’s ore suggests what source of the beginning of plate tectonics on Earth?

How has COVID changed the Earth’s seismic background noise?

As humans slowed their activity on the surface of the planet, how much has seismic background noise caused by life on the planet decreased?

How much economic value would protecting 30% of the Earth as wilderness return to future generations?


A ground-breaking study that combines environmental and scientific analysis of the value of protecting wilderness found that the return on the initial cost of protecting 30% of the planet’s environment as wilderness would substantially outweigh the upfront investment. How big is the return the study projects?

What plant was recently discovered to produce a medically useful natural product?


Nature has figured out how to produce many of the compounds humanity struggles to make. Recently, scientists disovered how one plant make colchicine, which can treat gout and other inflammatory diseases. Which plant was it?


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