Coronavirus Environmental Impacts and Opportunities *

How is the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, reshaping humanity’s environmental impact? In this Earth911 Quiz, you’ll be challenged with questions about how consumption and pollution are changing in response to the pandemic, as well as how it may point to humans’ ability to make deliberate changes in their relationship with Earth.


Earth911 Quiz #82: Coronavirus Environmental Impacts Show Potential For Change

As life is disrupted around the world, changes in pollution levels, consumption, and industrial production show the dimensions of a new society that could emerge in the post-virus era. In this Earth911 Quiz, learn and test your knowledge about the unexpected results of coronavirus in the human and global environment.

The changes in our environmental impact wrought by the novel coronavirus, both positive and negative, show that individual actions do add up to significant differences in pollution levels. How can we all learn from this tragedy? By applying lessons and debating the cost and benefits of all our daily actions.

How has coronavirus changed air pollution levels in Italy?

Italy, which produces most of its electricity from renewable sources, has been hard hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak. What has happened to nitrogen dioxide levels, which are linked to transportation emissions, in the country?

How has coronavirus affected reusable coffee cup use?

The reusable personal cup has become a staple at coffee shops. How has coronavirus changed the use of these sustainable options?

Did coronavirus drive the cost of oil lower?

The price of oil has collapsed in recent weeks. Is coronavirus responsible?

How has coronavirus changed airline pollution emissions?

Passenger loads on airlines have fallen sharply, does that translate into lower per-passenger emissions?

How has coronavirus reshaped the workplace?

What is the primary impact of coronavirus on how Americans work, other than potential layoffs?

Making smart sustainable choices requires practice. Earth911’s weekly sustainability quiz helps you hone your ability to recognize earth-friendly products and services. Through your daily choices — from transportation mode to purchases to waste disposal — you can make a positive difference.

This quiz was originally published on March 19, 2020.



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