Earth911 Quiz #66: The Social Cost of Carbon

The National Academies of Sciences recently released a comprehensive review of the current science related to the social cost of carbon. In this Earth911 Quiz, you’ll test your knowledge of the cost of a ton of carbon, the CO2 debt now looming over our children’s futures, the pace of CO2 debt growth, and what the researchers recommend we do to improve our understanding of the atmosphere.


Earth911 Quiz #66: The Social Cost of Carbon Dioxide Pollution

For two centuries, humanity has poured increasing amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. In this Earth911 Quiz, challenge your knowledge of the social cost of CO2 pollution based on the recent National Academy of Sciences report, Valuing Climate Damages. Fom the cost passed along to future generations to the indirect impacts such as migration to the researchers’ recommendations for policy changes, see where science and your knowledge match up.

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What is the future cost of one metric ton of CO2 emitted today?

The researchers at the National Academies of Sciences determined that each metric ton of CO2 emitted will cost an amount in inflation-adjusted 2007 dollars to remove and remediate its impact. How much social cost per ton does CO2 create?

Based on $42 per metric ton of CO2, how much did 2018 U.S. emissions cost?

Using $42 per metric ton of CO2 as a basis, how much did 2018 U.S. emissions cost future generations?

By 2050, how much could a ton of CO2 cost society in the worst case?

The National Academies tried three different approaches to calculating the social cost of CO2, using 2.5 percent, 3.0 percent, and .0 percent inflation to estimate the per-ton cost of CO2 in 2050. What’s the estimated worst-case cost in 2050?

Did the NAS research suggest current models are rough and approximate?

The committee of researchers who wrote the NAS report made recommendations for future investment in climate models. Was it because they acknowledge that today’s understanding of the atmosphere can be improved?

Which of these recommendations is not one of the recommended future investments in climate research?

The National Academies of Science committee urged that new models for describing the economic and social impact of CO2 emissions be developed to improve its projections. Which of the following is NOT one of the recommendations?

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This quiz was originally published on July 11, 2019.



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