Energy Apps To Help You Go Green and Save Money P

Maintaining a comfortable home is important. No one wants to freeze in the wintertime or melt in the summertime. Yet, the cost — both for your bank account and the environment — of heating and cooling a home can be high.

Luckily, there are simple ways to limit energy usage without giving up your comfort. One way to do this is by using an energy-tracking app. These apps hook up to your house’s utility lines and analyze your usage. This can help you pinpoint where you’re wasting energy so you can make changes to reduce your energy consumption and save money.

There are also lifestyle changes you can make to be more sustainable. Switching to LED lightbulbs, investing in standing fans, and upgrading to smart home appliances are relatively easy changes that can help you use less energy and reduce your energy bills.

Some ways you can reduce energy usage:

  • Switch to LED lightbulbs
  • Line dry clothes when possible
  • Open the windows instead of pumping the air conditioning
  • Invest in standing fans and space heaters
  • Seal cracks in windows, doors, and foundation

To learn about some great energy apps as well as more sustainable home tips, check out the following infographic.

Go Green To Spend Less Green infographic

Infographic courtesy of Hippo



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