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Mom’s friend Hannah (who was of the same generation as Grandma Jennie) was very patriotic. Hannah’s husband Fred served in the Pacific during World War II, and although she didn’t regularly donate to charities, she had a soft spot for veterans. She always sent them donations of money and clothes.

Donating items like clothes, shoes, and small appliances is a feel-good way to declutter your home. It’s also a great way to pass along useful items you may have suddenly acquired from cleaning out someone’s home.

Although most organizations prefer monetary donations, there are still some that welcome clothes and other household items. I have two reliable standbys near my home in New York. They are both veterans’ organizations.

I learned about United Veterans Beacon House from my neighbor when I noticed a huge bag of clothing labeled “Beacon House” on the porch. I asked my neighbor, who is a vet, if he had put it there. He said that he had and he spoke very enthusiastically about the good work that this organization does. If I had a lot of clothes to donate, I certainly would feel good about putting out a bag for them.

I also like to donate to Vietnam Veterans of America. They will accept almost anything if it is in good condition and they have pickup service and drop-off locations in a number of states. When my friend sold her house, she called them and found out that they accepted clothing, furnishings, linens, and even Christmas decorations. So, she was able to get rid of a lot before moving to her new house. She felt a sense of relief to be able to donate so much stuff in one shot!

I love that these organizations will pick up right from your doorstep or porch. No gasoline or extra time needed to donate!

When you have gently-used items you don’t use anymore, do your research and check out websites for organizations near you. Then call to verify that items are still accepted — they may have changed their donation policies due to COVID-19. If they still accept donations, schedule your appointment!

Besides the satisfaction that I get from decluttering, donating items to benefit veterans is a little way to say, “thank you.”

If you’re a veteran, thank you for your service! Happy Veterans Day!


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