Sustainability Conversation With Space of Never Not Nothing

Earth911 talks with Space, keyboardist and guitarist of Never Not Nothing, (“NNN”) a rising British duo that takes sustainability seriously. Space discusses the band’s philosophy of positive nihilism and how they contribute to sustainable culture through direct donations and support for green music festivals.

The band, originally named Black Futures, recently changed its name in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Space and his bandmate, Vibes (percussion, which is an understatement), write “party music for the end of the world.” They believe that people can look directly into the face of climate catastrophe and find ways to build a better, sustainable world. Check out their latest video about their 2020 tour, which was pursued across parts of the world by COVID-19.

NNN’s positive nihilism involves composing the environment of their shows to create an empathetic relationship between fans, the crowd as a whole, and with the planet. They strive to find their own meaning in an otherwise meaningless world and to stay optimistic regarding the future about which they dream.

Choosing eco-friendly music festivals is a great way to enjoy music while staying sustainable. NNN plans to participate in the upcoming 2000Trees music festival in 2021. The festival gathers rock bands across the world to promote eco-friendly celebration with a plastic-free, locally catered experience for fans. NNN also lives its commitments by donating a portion of merchandise proceeds to sustainable nonprofit organizations. Never Not Nothing contributes part of their profits from their merchandise sales to the U.K.’s National Health Service and to preserve the venerable Boileroom music venue in Guildford, UK.

Want to hear more of Never Not Nothing? You can find their music on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.



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